About Us

Thanks for stopping by Turnkey Miniatures! As a lifelong gaming enthusiast and hobbyist, this company was founded with the following goals in mind:
  • To provide quality metal miniatures and gaming pieces to fellow enthusiasts and hobbyists.

  • To provide a great customer experience that will build an even greater customer community; one that wouldn’t hesitate to spread positive feedback about us.

  • Lastly (and most important of all) to keep the minis inexpensive!
If any of these goals sound familiar, then you have probably been a customer of Mega-Miniatures, the legendary miniature casting company owned and operated by Mr. Johnny Lauck.

There is no outsourcing here at Turnkey Miniatures. We fulfill your order at every step of the process, and if we don’t have your items in stock, then we make them for you. It’s as simple as that…

Thanks again for your interest!

Turnkey Miniatures, LLC